Blue eyes

I’m seriously having trouble seeing any good sparks today. I’m a stupid person with a lot of faith. I love my Heavenly Father, I love Jesus Christ but I’m beginning to believe that religion is evil. It causes people to judge, be hypocrites, it puts limits on God, and lets face it we rely on imperfect but inspired men to write scriptures. How do we know that they were in the right frame of mind when these inspired books were written? How do we know? We don’t, it takes a huge amount of faith.

Not to mention, some books were removed, verses were changed. I’ve read the Latin Vulgate with English translation. The verses are a little bit different from the king James version and are definitely different from the New International Version. Then again, there is a reason behind this…it’s because they were translated by imperfect men, inspired by God. You know what that means? It means that an imperfect man has to keep himself very perfect to translate the words of God correctly. No man is perfect but Christ!!!

So this means that all inspired books are written by imperfect men.

It’s really hard to always see Good Sparks. It really is. There is so much hate in the world. There is too much ignorance. There is not enough faith. There are children being murdered. Satan tears apart the family unit. There is sickness every where. Our food is harmful. No one really appreciates anyone. There are dead animals on the sides of the road. There are butterflies being hit by windshields. Caterpillars squashed. Pets are hit by cars. ¬†Homeless people walking streets. Drug addiction. Wars. Hatred. Fighting. UGH!!

On a day in which I feel hopeless, here is my good spark for the day. The eyes of a child. All three of my children have blue eyes and in their eyes I see hope. DSCF4517

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One thought on “Blue eyes

  1. Yes, all those horrible things happen in the world. Fortunately, you have the Holy Ghost. He teaches goodness, lightens hearts, leads gently, loves always, communicates with God by every minute, giving us the moment by moment instructions that our Father in Heaven has for us. Yes, the world is nasty, hard, mean. We knew this before we were born. Heavenly Father has given us the best available guidance possible, a gift, the gift of the Holy Ghost. I avoid the reports of all the badness in the world, I can only take a drop in my bucket or I, also, get weighted down. There is much positive in the world, you have found it in the eyes of children. Isn’t that what Christ taught, we are to become as little children. See the good, have hope, seek after the good. If we are doing all that we can to be good, positive and leave a footprint that others will desire to follow. Be close to Christ, listen to the Holy Ghost, seek goodness. By the end of this blog I believe that you have found your answer, I just needed to share my thoughts. love you!

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