Let’s face it. We all love to receive gifts from others. We like birthday presents, Christmas presents, just presents in general. It is so easy to accept these gifts too. They are wrapped in pretty paper and doesn’t every special holiday put us in a better mood, most of the time? 

Perfectly wrapped presents

We all love to give gifts too. What is better than seeing the joy in someone’s face. The anticipation of watching joy escalate right before your eyes is awesome. It is so good to give.

Giving and Receiving Gifts

Part of having a quality filled life is to give. Presents are one way to give. It is not hard to receive a birthday present. Yes, it does require a small bit of humility but in short, it is a piece of cake.What about lending a helping hand, giving good advice, giving a shoulder to cry on, or just the small gesture of support? Metaphorically speaking they are all the same. What happens if these gifts are unwanted or go unnoticed?

Lending a helping hand

Lets say you are mowing the lawn and your lawn mower breaks down. Your neighbor, who is also mowing the lawn, stops mowing and offers the lawn mower to you. Then you say, in a very polite way, “no thanks.” You just denied that person the joy of giving and serving others. What if a person can see that a friend is having a bad day? This person is then prompted to say some words of encouragement to the other. They say something like, “I can see that you are having a bad day, can I give you a hug?” Instead of accepting the kind gesture, because the person is filled with negativity, the gesture is unrecognized. Denying a gift is neutralizing an event and taking the joy out of giving and receiving.

No Thanks

It is the responsibility of the receiver to return joy back to the giver. There is no joy in giving without complete acceptance. The fact is. the receiver is also the giver; the giver of joy received. There are many blessings in the acts of giving and receiving. I am not saying that for every gift you are given you must receive it. But, I am saying that you have to be polite no matter what the scenario and realize that it is the receiver’s responsibility to give back. Don’t be a slave to pride. It’s all about giving a hint of kindness back to the giver.

There is humility in giving. There is humility in receiving. We should live in a give and take world. People have taken “give and take” relationships out of context. The scenario of; the giver is the unselfish person and the taker is the selfish person is a product of the world and that scenario can only exist if there are ulterior motives. Giving comes from a selfless act of wanting to spread joy in another persons life. Just give back. Keep the goodness flowing.

Just accept and give. It’s easy. It’s elementary. It’s kindergarten class.