I do not believe I am going to die anytime soon. However, having cancer brings me closer to my spiritual self. I learned a lot the first time I had cancer and I am learning a whole lot this time as well. Actually, the things I am choosing to be vocal about are all of my inner most moral values. The things I knew that already existed but I did not understand them. Lately, I am immersing myself in the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. Today on my bike ride, I rode by a yellow fire hydrant surrounded by white flowers. I do not know why but the beauty took my breath away. I made a mental note to drive back to that spot and take a picture.


Nature wrapping beauty around a fire hydrant

It just hit a chord with me. Not saying a fire hydrant is bad. It does provide water and all. Nature seemed to make her way to an ugly fire hydrant and decided to make a pretty picture. Even though there is bad in the world, we can choose to see the good in everything. It’s like hugging your negative thoughts with a bunch of goodness. You can quote me on that.

This leads me to the topic that is on my mind. The other day I posted something in reference to Karma on my facebook page. The post resulted in a conversation of me trying to explain what I meant when I said, “Love cancels Karma.”

Allow me to explain.

There is a stigma in the Christian community that Karma is only bad. Actually, this is the same as “reaping what you sow,” and “what comes around goes around.” I often hear people projecting bad wishes on others, especially when someone has physically hurt or mentally hurt another. Then using saying’s like “Karma is a bitch” or “they’ll get what is coming to them”…This kind of behavior really sent me into a deep thought about spirituality.

Most of us, if educated in the public school system, learned the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. I learned about it in elementary school and then again in high school.  In school, they taught its application to science via Newton’s Third Law. However, the universal law pertains to EVERYTHING. Universal means it is applicable everywhere and in all cases. The Law of Cause and Effect means there is a ’cause’ which is our pure intention and an ‘effect’ which is the final form it takes. This means everything happens for a reason.

I will use me for example. I have cancer. I do not believe I did something horrible and therefore that is the reason I have cancer. I have cancer because of  low alkaline levels, stress, or genetics. Therefore, there is an imbalance in my immune system and it makes me susceptible cancer. Using the basis of the law, because I have a low alkaline level and I am genetically predisposed, I have cancer. However, my immune system does not know how to fight cancer on its own. Because I have cancer, I make positive actions to eat extremely healthy and stay physically fit to help boost my immune system. As long as I feel good, I know I am winning. I believe this way of thinking is allowing me to add beauty to my life. Cancer happens to me for a reason. I could even take it one step further by saying that cancer is a blessing in disguise because it helps me find my true self. There is a reason for everything. Whether shallow or deep, there is a reason. I bike because I love to feel the sun against my body. I swim because I love water. I eat healthy because I want to be as strong as I can be. I listen to relaxing music because my anxiety is through the roof and it helps calm my soul. The list goes on and on.


Another scene from my bike ride

Newton’s third law of motion is also The Universal Law of Cause and Effect. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For example jumping, you exert force on the ground, the ground exerts a force on which causes you to move upwards. Applied to self, a negative thought (negative energy) acted upon negatively, produces a negative reaction (negative energy) back on to yourself. In any case, there is an energy force. Everything has energy. Thoughts and actions have energy. Any type of force has energy related to it.

With all this being said. Karma, reaping what one sows, and what comes around goes around are all the same thing. There are two aspects to each, one bad and one good. When I posted on facebook that Love cancels Karma, I should have posted, a positive state of mind with the qualities of heart, love, truth, and joy cancels bad karma, bad reaping, and bad outcomes.

Imagine a Phillips screw. The center of the screw looks like a cross or deformed diamond. Each point has an attribute of a positive moral quality, for example: heart, love, truth, and joy. Heart means character. While using a Philips head screwdriver you make a circular motion clockwise (righty-tighty), the screw becomes grounded into the wood. The wood pushes back allowing the screw to be secure. The circular motion and the circle shape of the screw symbolize the positive state of mind. The inside (diamond) is our character when we maintain a positive state of mind. We stay grounded and our screw is tight (good values). Now imagine the opposite. The diamond points represent head, chaos, untruth, and hate. These are negative moral qualities. Turn the screw to the left (lefty-loosey). The screw loosens and falls out. AKA, having a screw loose. Negative moral character results in a negative reaction. Positive moral character results in a positive reaction. That is the Law of Cause and Effect, and Newton’s Third Law of Motion. There are two sides to karma, reaping what you sow, and the saying; what comes around goes around. Different religions call it different names and they are all based on the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.

Now draw an infinity sign with a screw (circle) inside each loop. The positive screw on the left and the negative screw on the right. Trace the infinity sign from left to right and think about the character one would have at each loop. To me, that is what being on an emotional roller coaster feels like. Always having a screw loose no matter how good you are. That is a very confusing state, never being completely happy.

In order to jump off the emotional roller coaster we have to choose a positive state of mind and to be enlightened, and be grounded. Then you will find yourself in a constant positive loop. Your karma/reaping/outcomes will always be positive. Isn’t that what we all want? Never being in a negative state of mind. This leads back to what I really wished I said on facebook. A positive state of mind with the qualities of heart, love, truth, and joy cancels bad karma, bad reaping, and bad outcomes. In a sense, we all need to be like the white flower immersing the negative with its beauty.


When it comes down to it. We can be in control of our state of mind. If a negative thought comes to mind, by all means, do not act upon it. Think of the exact opposite. If something inside you wants something bad to happen to someone, the best idea is to pray for them or wish them happiness. Do not get trapped in the emotional roller coaster. Do not slip to the dark side. Be a Good Spark and may the force be with you.