The universe did not want me to have any procedures today. With all the changes that happened and the hoops that were jumped, when I look back on today, it was not meant to be a procedure day.

As of yesterday morning, the schedule was to have a pet scan at 8 am this morning and a thoracentesis immediately after. However, the PET scan services called me and said that the machine was down and they would have to push my appointment to 12 pm instead. The appointment for the thoracentesis changed to the morning.

At the hospital, I checked in to same say surgery for the thoracentesis. It is a requirement to be at the hospital two hours prior to having this procedure. After waiting 2 hours, the nurse took me to radiology to have the fluid drained. Once there I told them that after the procedure I am supposed to go to nuclear medicine for a PET scan. They called nuclear medicine because they wanted them to come down and inject me with the serum so I would be ready for the PET scan immediately after the thoracentesis.  This was an upset…apparently no needles or holes are allowed prior to a pet scan. The decision was to come back immediately after the pet scan to have the fluid drained.

 I am very tired today. I went to the Tom Petty concert last night. It was AWESOME! But, I got home late and I did not sleep well either. Plus I was hungry because I had to fast. When they brought me back to same day surgery, I slept for an hour and a half until my phone rang.  It was a call to cancel the PET scan. At this point, because I was tired, I started crying. I gave my husband the phone because I was so upset I could not talk. I laid in the fetal position on my bed as tears rolled down my cheeks. I just wanted to have all the procedures and go home. Was it too much to ask? Now All I wanted to do was go home. I was very upset.  That is when Ben, in his ever-calm way, said that we should not leave without having something done and that we do not want the whole day to be a waste.


Off to ultrasound I went for the thoracentesis. The ultrasound tech started to look for the fluid around my lung. She could not find enough fluid to drain. Huh? At that point, the whole day seemed to melt away and I had my answer. The medicine seems to be working. A choir of Angels sang in my head!!!

When first diagnosed with cancer in October, I thought allergies were the culprit to breathing problems. This time I thought cancer is causing the breathing problem and it really is allergies. So confusing.

This is how much of a difference there is from October 2012 to today. In October 1200 milliliters drained from around my lung. In December 600 milliliters drained. In February 600 more milliliters drained. Today, they approximated it to be around 125 milliliters and it was a month longer wait time between visits. I wish I had my phone with me because she showed me my lung in February and then showed me my lung today. There was a huge dark spot from fluid that is not there now. WOW, I was amazed. My lung is starting to look normal again.

Overall, this crappy morning ended up being quite a fantastic day. After that, Ben took me to Red Lobster and watched me eat 1.5 pounds of crab.

The PET scan is rescheduled on Next Tuesday morning with a different provider. That will be the real indicator of my progress.