Here is the story of my breast cancer according to my scars.

First the tumor removal. The tumor was approximately 2 centimeters big. It was warm to the touch and definitely made my boob look bigger. This scar actually consists of skin from my back. Before reconstruction there was no oval scar. It was just a one line scar stitched across. I had two surgeries in this area because the surgeon did not get all of the cancer out the first time. This is when you learn what “all sides clean” means. It took two surgeries to get all sides clean.


2cm tumor was in there

Second was an axillary lymph node dissection. This is why my armpit farts. This surgery was to remove the affected lymph nodes. The combination of the first surgery and this surgery will tell the doctor the stage and grade of cancer.  For me it was Stage 3A breast cancer. The scar is about 2 inches above my finger in the middle of my armpit and runs horizontal.


15 lymph nodes removed from here, 8 infected.

Third, is a simple surgery compared to the first two. It’s short, sweet and to the point. In goes the port. The port connects to veins. It sticks out about a half an inch under the skin. This makes chemotherapy much more enjoyable. LOL.


Port inserted here

In 2009, I decided to have reconstructive surgery. That was 6 years later. It consisted of three separate surgeries;  implants to stretch the skin, Latissimus dorsi flap surgery, implant insertion and reconstruction of good boob to match reconstruction. This is the scar from where they removed skin to fill in the part that was taken out and where they moved muscle to form a “cup” for the implant.


Reconstruction scar

This has nothing to do with breast cancer. This is my ICD because I have LQTS2. It’s there to shock me if my heart beats too fast. It’s amazing that I survived cancer treatment because all of the medicine for breast cancer treatment is on the list of drugs I am not supposed to take.  The drugs that would cause a racing heart. Can you say Miracle?


ICD Scar

This is the scar from my most recent fight with Stage 4 breast cancer. This is from the pleurodesis. The surgeon took my lung out of the pleural lining and inserted talcum powder to adhere the lung to my rib cage. This was done to prevent my lung from collapsing due to excessive fluid. The small circle scar is where the drainage tube was inserted.


Pleurdesis scars

So these are my scars from breast cancer. I worked hard for these scars. My family worked hard for these scars. I’m glad they are there. I’m a survivor.

Don’t lose hope in the midst of craziness, keep your hope and carry the scars proudly!

Then be a good spark and spread that hope to others!