Although I do not remember

the beauty of your face

or even know the wonder

of your warm embrace.

I dream of seeing you

on a warm and glorious day

for when I get to see you

I will have found my way.

I know that I have trials

that I am forced to meet

I will bear the load

with strong and steadfast feet.

For I have chosen

the very simple task

the one that ensures

my life is ever last.

The moments in this life

are precious pure and kind

the blessings that I have

I truly do not mind.

Before I bid ado

to this life here on earth

I promise to be kind

and live in complete girth.

Until I am with you

I know you are in my heart

giving me direction

sweet spirit never part.

My future trials are truths

that I must learn to love

the learning from my gracious

sweet and loving Lord above.