My dear loved ones,

Follow the peace in your heart. Walk over the bridge to happiness. Learn to hear the words that are conveyed to you. Intelligence matters however, it is wisdom that portrays the love of people. Intelligence and knowledge are of earthly matters. Your lack of wisdom comes from not listening to your heart. It comes from using your head too much. Stop using your head and the nagging thoughts will dissipate. Those thoughts cause headaches, stomach aches, anxiety, depression. The list goes on. As long as you stay in your head, you will continue to abuse yourself in varying degrees. Wisdom is taught by the spirit inside. When you move in to your heart your body naturally will start to take care of itself and all your ailments will disappear. Listen to your heart and you will even know what kind of food to eat. You will have answers to the simplest and most complicated questions. Take this message to heart and start loving yourself everyday. Look at yourself in the mirror, deep into your eyes, and say, “I Love You.”


Walk across the narrow bridge

step firmly on your feet.

With confidence in your heart

keep walking forward.

Don’t look back, don’t look down,

keep focused, and move on.

If you feel scared, do not turn back.

Hold on tight, keep going,

you are almost there.

The end is the beginning.

The beginning was the end.

One more step onto solid ground.

Do you know what you just did?

You started over.

Move forward in new green places

with bright light shining down.

Do you feel the warmth

of goodness around your soul?

Welcome to your life!



The Good Spark