My Dear Friends,

Take a look around you and decide how you want to react to situations in your life. Deciding to be neutral can have negative effects on your soul as much as being an eternal pessimist. It is because negative energy is heavier than positive energy. Negative energy holds down and positive energy lifts up. Remaining neutral is choosing to live in duality; a little positive and a little negative. This is not good for your soul because there is a constant fight between the two opposites. Even the most neutral people still need positive things to happen in their lives. Another point of view, if negative energy weighs one pound and positive energy weighs 1 ounce,  you will need 17 ounces of energy to feel positive. 16 ounces would put you to neutral.


When negativity is ignored it causes damage to your soul. Repression is damaging. Ride the wave and experience the feeling. Open up to the negative experience.  Understand the feelings. Forgive the experience. That is the best positive attitude you can have towards negativity. Then move past neutrality and be positive. Spread the positive energy. Be interconnected and project the energy to the world. Do everything you love to do. Take of your shoes and dance in the grass. The energy you project into the world is the energy the world will project to you. Spread Good Sparks and receive Good Sparks.  Fill your world with rainbows, butterflies, and cupcakes.