Certain things must take place in order for a rainbow to form. But, first it is important to know that pure white light consists of ROYGBIV; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Also, colors have different wave lengths; red colors have longer wave lengths than blue colors. Here are some facts about rainbow formation.

1. The sun has to be shining (pure white light)

2. There has to be droplets of water in the atmosphere (water is the medium for light)

3. The observer must have his/her back towards the sun

4. The water droplet must first refract the light towards normal allowing the light to continue on a straight path

5. There must be an internal reflection that moves the light away from the normal path

6. Upon reflection, the light is once again refracted out of the water droplet.

7. The angle of deviation causes red colors to appear on the outside and blue colors to appear on the inside. Red colors have longer wavelengths. They are reflected at a steeper angle towards the outside of the rainbow.

***A rainbow is actually circular. There is no beginning or end.
When observing a rainbow from an airplane; the rainbow appears circular.
Earth stops the projection of light and causes a “rainbow bridge” when observing from the ground.

The character of a droplet has no judgement, sees no errors, and no opposites. The droplet of pure water, from the sky, simply embraces light. After embracing the light, an internal reflection happens before exiting. The droplet naturally reflects pure light. It doesn’t let it continue on its normal path. Instead the light is reflected inside the droplet. Then released to show the results of the droplets work; the inner beauty of reflected light in water, a rainbow. To sum this up, the main characteristic of water is, “no judgement.” The droplet embraces, reflects, and releases pure light.

***Rainbows can be seen at night if the moon is full and it is raining.
However, it is very rare because the moon doesn’t shine as bright as the sun.


Humans need to use the nature of water as a “life” model.  Pure light represents ALL experiences. The first refraction represents embracing the interaction. The inner reflection represents our choices. Then the second refraction is our inner beauty or ugliness shining outward. A water droplet does not reflect blackness, it reflects light to produce a rainbow. Humans have freewill. We are capable of reflecting beauty or ugliness. It is our choice what we reflect into the world. We are mediums for experiences. This is why we need to use our freewill correctly. It is why we have to learn from ALL of our experiences. When we don’t learn we are abusing freewill. Unless we choose to properly reflect our experiences our freewill will destroy us and quite possibly the world. We have to get into nature. We have the ability to be like the water droplet. It is in our human nature to reflect beauty.  All we have to do is embrace life experiences, use freewill correctly, be like a water droplet,  and send rainbows into the world.