Month: September 2013

Being like Jesus

Scriptures are spiritual manuals designed to help individuals live in the world. Do not read scriptures and think about how to change someone else. Use scriptures to gain wisdom and knowledge for yourself. Scriptures are meant to help with life. Be your own revelator and gain deep understanding about yourself. You can learn how to be true to yourself through reading scriptures.

I thought a lot about my own faults and sins. I know that Christ died for my sins. Although, there is so much more to Christ’s message. I realized that, as a believer in Christ, as long as I repent, I could become blameless and pure through the love of Christ. I already knew what Christ did for me. However truly understanding the message he conveyed took me a while to understand.

When I was baptized, I took on the name of Jesus Christ. I made a covenant with Heavenly Father that I would repent my sins and I would remember Christ. To take on the name of Christ is to give forgiveness and love at all times. However, I am human and when I mess up I can repent and become like Jesus again.

Repentance allows me to see myself as the pure happy spirit I am meant to be, like a child. When I repent my sins, I am stripped back down to a person and I am able to see other’s as happy spiritual people. Repentance is all about me. Jesus lived a blameless life, but he knows that I am human, so through repentance and baptism I am save and I have the chance to be like Jesus. All I had to do was make the decision (walk over the bridge), Jesus was waiting for me.

All baptized believers are commissioned to a life of forgiveness, repentance, and love. When I act appropriately my fruits show, the goodness in me is shown outward. I begin to serve others as Christ served. I begin to love others and Christ loved me.



Look Away

Judging another’s humanity is not what humans are supposed to do. Not one human is the same, not even a belief system. It is because we all have different experiences.

Humans are good. Look at each other as precious living spirits, without judgment.

After peeling away the layers, there is nothing left but a human being.

After all the corruption, or the mean words they may have said, and after all the ugliness a person spewed out into the world, and after peeling away all the layers, what do we have left? A child like persona, a real person without faults and without a corrupt ego, a person who is not mean or nasty, someone with a loving heart, the true human spirit.

Peel away the layers of others and look deep inside their souls to find the true identity of a person, someone who is holy and divine.

Look away! Look past egos and find inner beauty. Every human in the world has an inner beauty that is remarkably kind and gentle. How we react to different experiences is what causes the layers and makes humans hard and hard to crack.

Let your outer shell crack so others can see the softness in your heart. Let others see your love.

Look past the outer layers of your brothers and sisters and always know that humans have the potential of making choices that affect others in positive ways, even though you may not agree at that time.

Not seeing a person’s inner beauty is what judging is about. The more humans judge the more humans are judged. It is a vicious cycle that human spirits are not meant to carry. When we choose to judge others are spirits begin to hurt and we believe that we are better. Believing we are better than another person is not what the spirit can handle.

Our spirits are meant to love, to take on the burdens of others in need, and to bring peace in to the world. Human spirits are meant to be equal with each other and living in harmony.


Come out of your cocoon. Be a butterfly.

Slow down

I feel it is time to start listening to ourselves. Did you know that your brain knows the answer to questions, responds to touch, etc. 7 seconds before you act on a given situation? That’s why many of us will say, “I knew that would happen or I knew I should have said something else.”

If we take the time to chill and listen to our bodies we would know the answers to life’s most complicated questions. Should I move, am I doing the right things…If we would take the time to listen to ourselves we would be in a much better situation. Instead our ego’s get in the way.

Let’s face it, our ego thinks it knows the best for us and it never does. The smartest individuals have learned to ignore their ego and take time to listen to their bodies and make cool, clear, calm decisions. I am horrible at this. I listen to my ego more often than not and more than likely it causes a bunch of headache for every single person involved. Mastering ego is one of the hardest things to learn in life. I feel that if we all try to move past our ego’s, a little bit at a time, every day, we would be so much happier.

It is hard to strip away ego. We were taught from a very young age to ‘grow up’. Unfortunately, speeding up this process has made us all ‘hard on the outside’. Our tendencies are combat, instead of love. Defense, instead of a team player. I’m not saying we are always in ‘ego’ mode. I believe ego causes problems. Ego causes us to live with doubt and fear. It causes us to believe we are never wrong. Choosing ego causes us to live in a world that our souls are not meant to bear.

God gave us all free agency and when we listen to our ego we choose the wrong because it is based on our will. When we wait, chill out, and listen to our inner voice, we choose the right, because it is based on God’s will. Slow down and choose the right.  My hope is that, you as the reader of this blog, find happiness in your choices. Live happy.


Blue eyes

I’m seriously having trouble seeing any good sparks today. I’m a stupid person with a lot of faith. I love my Heavenly Father, I love Jesus Christ but I’m beginning to believe that religion is evil. It causes people to judge, be hypocrites, it puts limits on God, and lets face it we rely on imperfect but inspired men to write scriptures. How do we know that they were in the right frame of mind when these inspired books were written? How do we know? We don’t, it takes a huge amount of faith.

Not to mention, some books were removed, verses were changed. I’ve read the Latin Vulgate with English translation. The verses are a little bit different from the king James version and are definitely different from the New International Version. Then again, there is a reason behind this…it’s because they were translated by imperfect men, inspired by God. You know what that means? It means that an imperfect man has to keep himself very perfect to translate the words of God correctly. No man is perfect but Christ!!!

So this means that all inspired books are written by imperfect men.

It’s really hard to always see Good Sparks. It really is. There is so much hate in the world. There is too much ignorance. There is not enough faith. There are children being murdered. Satan tears apart the family unit. There is sickness every where. Our food is harmful. No one really appreciates anyone. There are dead animals on the sides of the road. There are butterflies being hit by windshields. Caterpillars squashed. Pets are hit by cars.  Homeless people walking streets. Drug addiction. Wars. Hatred. Fighting. UGH!!

On a day in which I feel hopeless, here is my good spark for the day. The eyes of a child. All three of my children have blue eyes and in their eyes I see hope. DSCF4517

Getting closer to God #2

I eat right, bless my food, and keep God in control. The effects are endless and it naturally causes me to be close to God.

Do not get me wrong, I love sweets. However, I totally limit them. I also limit gluten and dairy. I try to “clean eat” about 80% of the time. When I eat right, I feel good. My mind is clearer. I can move faster. My reflexes are on fire! I have so much energy too. I feel wonderful. Because of all of these good feelings, I feel closer to God and he gives me a sense of accomplishment.

added benefit of eating healthy~staying fuller for longer periods of time

I want to take care of myself and I rely on God to help me. There are times when I know that I am reaching my limit of 20% blah! Most of it tastes like cardboard anymore, except marshmallows. At this point, I pray that he gives me strength to resist food that is bad for me, aka marshmallows. There are times when the voice in my head says, “eat it, you deserve it.” I want to emphasize, THAT VOICE IS NOT GOD. It is not your loving Heavenly Father. As soon as I start believing that I deserve anything, is the minute I believe I am in control, not God.

I truly believe that asking God to bless my food for the nourishment of my mind, body, and soul; gives me strength. Strength means I will have a clear mind, awesome reflexes, a lot of energy, and a great attitude. The rewards are endless. My choice to eat healthy and my choice to ask for a blessing gives me the same benefits! Double insurance!!! I am living proof this works! I survived cancer twice.

get closer

No more soul searching! Getting closer to God #1

Enough of the soul searching! I do not want to do it anymore. What did I learn? I learned that there are no limits to the Universe and therefore, there are no limits to God and there are no limits to my faith. I learned that as soon I allow people to put limits on me, I begin to limit myself. When I do this, I put limits on God and my faith waivers. Never let anyone place their own limits on you. Never place limits on yourself. Always remain limitless and always remain close with God.

That being said, I’m obviously going to switch my focus where it was originally intended to be. Good Sparks, aka where I see God and how I get closer to God. This blog will be inspired writing with my inspired photography. Enjoy and Thank You!

Getting Closer to God #1

I love riding my bike because it allows me to clear my head. Negative thoughts seem to pour out and good thoughts pour in. Do you know how hard it is to work out with negative thoughts on your mind? It’s very hard. Negative thoughts waste energy and they cause me to tire fast. I am forced to find ways to let them go. Once I do that, riding my bike becomes pure enjoyment and I have positive thoughts and I am able to see nature in a way God intended me to.  This approach helps me with everything in life, not just bike riding. Releasing negative thoughts makes me more productive.

Positive thoughts roll in and I start rolling…down the road. It is as if I have a stream of butterflies following me the whole time. I love to see the caterpillars and birds too. Sometimes, I am lucky enough to catch a dragon fly every once in a while. They fly up close to me as if to say, “I’m so happy to see you!” I love riding on a partly cloudy day too. The clouds that partially mask the bright blue sky look like a truly inspired painting.  There is a never ending array of entertainment in nature. Riding right before sunset is another pretty time to ride. The reflection of the pinkish orange sky reflects on the world as if I’m looking through rose colored sun glasses.

I find that while riding my bike I thank God for so much beauty in the world. I escape to a fairy tale where nature inspires me to remember to thank God for the awesome love I’m shown on a daily basis.


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