Enough of the soul searching! I do not want to do it anymore. What did I learn? I learned that there are no limits to the Universe and therefore, there are no limits to God and there are no limits to my faith. I learned that as soon I allow people to put limits on me, I begin to limit myself. When I do this, I put limits on God and my faith waivers. Never let anyone place their own limits on you. Never place limits on yourself. Always remain limitless and always remain close with God.

That being said, I’m obviously going to switch my focus where it was originally intended to be. Good Sparks, aka where I see God and how I get closer to God. This blog will be inspired writing with my inspired photography. Enjoy and Thank You!

Getting Closer to God #1

I love riding my bike because it allows me to clear my head. Negative thoughts seem to pour out and good thoughts pour in. Do you know how hard it is to work out with negative thoughts on your mind? It’s very hard. Negative thoughts waste energy and they cause me to tire fast. I am forced to find ways to let them go. Once I do that, riding my bike becomes pure enjoyment and I have positive thoughts and I am able to see nature in a way God intended me to.  This approach helps me with everything in life, not just bike riding. Releasing negative thoughts makes me more productive.

Positive thoughts roll in and I start rolling…down the road. It is as if I have a stream of butterflies following me the whole time. I love to see the caterpillars and birds too. Sometimes, I am lucky enough to catch a dragon fly every once in a while. They fly up close to me as if to say, “I’m so happy to see you!” I love riding on a partly cloudy day too. The clouds that partially mask the bright blue sky look like a truly inspired painting.  There is a never ending array of entertainment in nature. Riding right before sunset is another pretty time to ride. The reflection of the pinkish orange sky reflects on the world as if I’m looking through rose colored sun glasses.

I find that while riding my bike I thank God for so much beauty in the world. I escape to a fairy tale where nature inspires me to remember to thank God for the awesome love I’m shown on a daily basis.