I feel it is time to start listening to ourselves. Did you know that your brain knows the answer to questions, responds to touch, etc. 7 seconds before you act on a given situation? That’s why many of us will say, “I knew that would happen or I knew I should have said something else.”

If we take the time to chill and listen to our bodies we would know the answers to life’s most complicated questions. Should I move, am I doing the right things…If we would take the time to listen to ourselves we would be in a much better situation. Instead our ego’s get in the way.

Let’s face it, our ego thinks it knows the best for us and it never does. The smartest individuals have learned to ignore their ego and take time to listen to their bodies and make cool, clear, calm decisions. I am horrible at this. I listen to my ego more often than not and more than likely it causes a bunch of headache for every single person involved. Mastering ego is one of the hardest things to learn in life. I feel that if we all try to move past our ego’s, a little bit at a time, every day, we would be so much happier.

It is hard to strip away ego. We were taught from a very young age to ‘grow up’. Unfortunately, speeding up this process has made us all ‘hard on the outside’. Our tendencies are combat, instead of love. Defense, instead of a team player. I’m not saying we are always in ‘ego’ mode. I believe ego causes problems. Ego causes us to live with doubt and fear. It causes us to believe we are never wrong. Choosing ego causes us to live in a world that our souls are not meant to bear.

God gave us all free agency and when we listen to our ego we choose the wrong because it is based on our will. When we wait, chill out, and listen to our inner voice, we choose the right, because it is based on God’s will. Slow down and choose the right.  My hope is that, you as the reader of this blog, find happiness in your choices. Live happy.