Judging another’s humanity is not what humans are supposed to do. Not one human is the same, not even a belief system. It is because we all have different experiences.

Humans are good. Look at each other as precious living spirits, without judgment.

After peeling away the layers, there is nothing left but a human being.

After all the corruption, or the mean words they may have said, and after all the ugliness a person spewed out into the world, and after peeling away all the layers, what do we have left? A child like persona, a real person without faults and without a corrupt ego, a person who is not mean or nasty, someone with a loving heart, the true human spirit.

Peel away the layers of others and look deep inside their souls to find the true identity of a person, someone who is holy and divine.

Look away! Look past egos and find inner beauty. Every human in the world has an inner beauty that is remarkably kind and gentle. How we react to different experiences is what causes the layers and makes humans hard and hard to crack.

Let your outer shell crack so others can see the softness in your heart. Let others see your love.

Look past the outer layers of your brothers and sisters and always know that humans have the potential of making choices that affect others in positive ways, even though you may not agree at that time.

Not seeing a person’s inner beauty is what judging is about. The more humans judge the more humans are judged. It is a vicious cycle that human spirits are not meant to carry. When we choose to judge others are spirits begin to hurt and we believe that we are better. Believing we are better than another person is not what the spirit can handle.

Our spirits are meant to love, to take on the burdens of others in need, and to bring peace in to the world. Human spirits are meant to be equal with each other and living in harmony.


Come out of your cocoon. Be a butterfly.