Scriptures are spiritual manuals designed to help individuals live in the world. Do not read scriptures and think about how to change someone else. Use scriptures to gain wisdom and knowledge for yourself. Scriptures are meant to help with life. Be your own revelator and gain deep understanding about yourself. You can learn how to be true to yourself through reading scriptures.

I thought a lot about my own faults and sins. I know that Christ died for my sins. Although, there is so much more to Christ’s message. I realized that, as a believer in Christ, as long as I repent, I could become blameless and pure through the love of Christ. I already knew what Christ did for me. However truly understanding the message he conveyed took me a while to understand.

When I was baptized, I took on the name of Jesus Christ. I made a covenant with Heavenly Father that I would repent my sins and I would remember Christ. To take on the name of Christ is to give forgiveness and love at all times. However, I am human and when I mess up I can repent and become like Jesus again.

Repentance allows me to see myself as the pure happy spirit I am meant to be, like a child. When I repent my sins, I am stripped back down to a person and I am able to see other’s as happy spiritual people. Repentance is all about me. Jesus lived a blameless life, but he knows that I am human, so through repentance and baptism I am save and I have the chance to be like Jesus. All I had to do was make the decision (walk over the bridge), Jesus was waiting for me.

All baptized believers are commissioned to a life of forgiveness, repentance, and love. When I act appropriately my fruits show, the goodness in me is shown outward. I begin to serve others as Christ served. I begin to love others and Christ loved me.