The more spiritually involved I am the more tender-hearted I become. I know that people will begin to work together as equals to make our world a better place. Mankind will become aware of their servant spirit and project love into the world through acts of kindness. We will realize that we are sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father; we are brothers and sisters to Jesus. We have great potential to be just like Jesus, because everyone’s spirit is from Heavenly Father.

Here is a brief history of our spirituality.

Jesus wanted a plan of salvation that was according to God’s will. He wanted everyone to have the right to choose and he did not want to be worshiped above our Heavenly Father. Jesus loves and Lucifer wants the credit. Heavenly Father chose Jesus’ plan. This made Lucifer angry so he formed an army and was able to convince one third of the hosts in heaven to follow him. Two thirds of the spirits followed Jesus’ plan of salvation. A great war broke out, between the two sides, and the third of the hosts that sided with Lucifer (including Lucifer) were cast out of heaven. After the great war and after the hosts were cast out of Heaven, Adam and Eve were created and were given dominion on Earth.

What makes this story so significant for you?

The fact that you have a body means you already chose Jesus’ plan of salvation, you were not cast out of Heaven. The third of the hosts that were cast from Heaven do not receive a body. Adam and Eve were not created until all the bad hosts were cast out of heaven. You are among the sons and daughters of God, just like Adam and Eve, just like Jesus Christ. You chose Jesus, you chose to follow our Heavenly Father, and you chose to have experiences on Earth. 

You have a lot of potential.

You are Jesus’ brother or sister. Since Jesus is your brother, you have every ability to be just like him. You and Jesus have the same Heavenly Father. Having the same heavenly father means that you have the potential to be just as great as Jesus. You are not the black sheep and Jesus is not the favorite. Your Heavenly Father loves you as much as he loves Jesus. You are priceless and you are loved, more than you can imagine, by your Heavenly Father and by Jesus, your brother. Now it is your choice to follow the path back to our Heavenly Father no matter how rocky it can be.