Saying good-bye is a term of endearment. Arguments tend to keep us full of ego and we forget our spiritual nature. For example, it’s like leaving without saying good-bye to anyone in your life, when you know you should. Showing an inkling of negativity, just the size of a mustard seed, causes pollution in the spirit and it only hurts yourself.
You sow what you reap. Sowing negativity causes your heart to ache. You will carry it with you until you are able to forgive yourself and make it right. If you ignore the feeling and repress it, that causes you to become like a zombie and without feeling. In order to feel, you will have to stop repressing emotions and work yourself through them so you can be a better person to yourself and to the world.If you do not feel bad about your actions then one is only justifying the behavior and that is harmful to your spirit. Justifying behavior is work of the ego and work of evil spirits. You start to believe that your wrong choices are right. Then the process continues.
The greatness of being human is: you don’t have to listen to your ego or any evil in the world. You can choose to remain spiritual and always make good spiritual choices. So stay in the light, listen to others if they are hurting, use your free agency for the greater good to help others. There is a reason you are put in front of certain situations. Choose spirituality and choose to learn and make it your mission to increase spirituality into the world.