Thinking about spiritual people.

A common factor of highly spiritual people; a past experience that causes pain. It isn’t the pain that causes the person to become spiritual either. It is the process of moving past the pain and into the present; it is learning to realize that the pain in only temporary but the spirit within last forever. Once a person deals with the pain, the pain diminishes and then the mind, body, and spirit become aligned.That is what being whole is about. I’m not talking about religion. I’m talking about the true essence of feeling whole.

Listening is another common factor that highly spiritual people have. They listen with their heart. Listening requires validating and understanding. Listening requires opening your heart and letting go of all the thoughts that cross your mind, in order to truly hear what another person is saying.  It is the first step in loving one another. It is letting go of what you think, and holding on to what you feel.

God didn’t give us a brain to outsmart people and he didn’t give us a heart that doesn’t feel. He gave us a brain so we can control our body and a heart so we can communicate.

Listening with your heart puts us in a state of love. That is what a highly spiritual person is, a state of love.