Feeling kind of bummed out today. I’m an open book and it’s no secret that I struggle with life issues. I wonder, why. I’ve had trouble making good decisions. I’ve made great decisions. All with a struggle. Because of this, I’ve caused myself to be surrounded by people who tell me everything I do wrong and fail to tell me what I do right. This type of person, loves to make me feel less than they are and I often wonder if I am ever going to be good enough. I know I’m good enough for myself but, for the others, not so much. It makes me really sad and frustrated. Yes, I’m hurt. Now, as I write this, I’m left wondering if I’m really the one that has it all together and they are the ones that need to straighten up. These are the types of people who cause undo stress. Honestly, I wonder if these people are cancer “causers”. I’m tired of this type of person. It’s my fault too. This is all my fault. I let it happen and I don’t know how to escape from this dilemma because it isn’t that easy. For the past several years, I’ve made new friendships with wonderful people who do encourage me and always tell me they love me and for that I thank cancer. Cancer always makes me see people’s true colors. It always gives me strength to stand up for myself and not let those petty people hurt me anymore.