Realizing your true worth is a great gift. Finding the right path and getting to that point is hard work. Experience helps to begin the process towards finding true worth and true gifts everyone has. It seems that experiences in life teach character, quite possibly, we are born with this very character. As we get older, we lose this character when we allow life to bombard us. We become beat up, old, and even angry. There is something good about life; it has the ability to make us more like children. A lesson learned from an experience depends on goodwill.  Goodwill can govern our thoughts, influence the mind, and cause happiness. We have to experience life in order to live happily.

Life is hard. There is no doubt about it. However, it does not have to be. Life does bombard the true essence of living.  It comes with trials and tribulations. Unfortunately, without life we could not live. Life has to happen. Without life there would be no happiness, joy, love, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, and self control; the true fruits of living. These are all rewards of good choices made during the bombardment of life. They are the rewards of our goodwill.

The universe does not rotate around the human body. It does not matter if you allowed yourself to become the center of the universe or if it happened without your control. When one lets the universe rotate around its body, it causes chaos in that life. It makes a person feel used, beat up, abandoned, and unhappy. Not to mention, it causes a person to become controlling and obsessive. In my own experience, I was acting as if the universe did rotate around me but, not purposely. I believe an early traumatic childhood experience caused this to happen and people around me put me on a pedestal to make sure to protect me from any more trials. It is not anyone’s fault.

Over the years, the universe started to hurt me. Technically, I was hurting me. I was making myself sick. I would get mad when I was not the center of attention, but not understand why I was mad. I developed an attitude that I wanted to fight back and I wanted to be alone. I wanted life to leave me alone. Life beat me up. Life was my bully. I had no idea how to stop this rotation around me. It started to affect my mind and body. It actually felt as if I was spinning and constantly seeing the past, present, and future and at the same time, the universe was spinning in the opposite direction. I felt like I was slowing dying. Eventually, I felt as if I was in a flat spin and that is when I realized it had to stop.

I had to start seeing the present in front of me, stop turning around to the past, and stop making up a future that does not exist. I had to make myself stay focused, looking forward. One thing that reminds me to keep looking forward is, if I put my hand behind my head, I cannot see it. I know it is there, but I definitely cannot see it. I cannot put my hand in the future because I do not know where the future exists. I can put my hand in front of me and because this is the only place I can see my hand, this is the only place I need to be; in the present. I had to stop taking an experience in the past with me. I had to let go of the baggage that brought me down. The only thing I can control is my character in the present. I may learn from experiences in the past. I can take what I learn with me to the present. However, no experience is the same. Therefore, I can only build upon what I learned in the past. Never can I make the outcome from the past the same outcome in the present. It is because there are no experiences that are the same. They may be similar, never the same. I had to let go of control.

Life is like a movie. The experiences we encounter are always going to be there. It is the part we choose to take that makes the experience. If the part I take is madness or angry, life keeps bombarding me, I will learn no lesson, and therefore never build upon any other lessons I have learned. Therefore, I gain no wisdom. On the other hand, I can choose goodwill; take the trial with candor, honor, and courage, resulting in wisdom gained. I choose goodwill because when I gain wisdom it gives to the greater good and spreading good to others goes along with the one universal law of nature.  The universe is in balance and works when one person makes a change for the better. It expands in a good way for everyone.

Unbelievably, acupuncture made me realize this corrupt view of life I had. One day after a session, all the way home, for 30 minutes, I realized how to step out of my universe and into the nature of the universe. I realize that I needed to view life like a movie. I stepped back and watched everything as if I was a child seeing this for the very first time. I was over whelmed with happiness and actually proud of myself for changing my perspective. I could finally see the present without an obstructed view. I felt happier and healthier.

Allow the natural to happen and choose goodwill because it will bind you to respect the whole for the greater good and your attitude and character will affect someone who then can affect the greater good. It creates a domino effect that, overall, it best for every single creature in the world, not just humans. The more good that is expelled the healthier our spirits become, the healthier our bodies become, the healthier the world becomes. I truly believe that goodwill can defeat any trial. All you have to do is believe it will.

It was really hard for me to climb this rock. I had no energy, my feet hurt, my stomach was a mess, and chemo was not on my side. I was determined to do it. So with a camera wrapped around my neck and my uncle ready to catch me. I started climbing. I stopped for a minute and thought to myself, this might be too much.  I wanted to prove to myself that I can choose to make a great experience or I could give up and miss out on something beautiful. So I place my foot one by one, grabbed the rock with my hand and made it to the top. I chose determination to see beauty. I chose to give myself a good spark and I gained a new perspective.

It was really hard for me to climb this walk. I had no energy. I was determined to do it. I wanted to prove to myself that I can choose to make a great experience or I could give up and miss out on something beautiful.