I know how to beat cancer. It is about pushing yourself farther than you can imagine. It is about pushing the pain away. It will make all your muscles hurt. It is about making your body hurt more than cancer can. It is about fighting 24/7.

Cancer is very sneaky you don’t know when it creeps in. However, when you find out it is there, there is no time for sleep, there is no time to play. There is a time for rest and at rest is when you are at your best for fighting. So even at rest fighting is still happening.

Then eventually it starts to hurt. Hurting is the beginning of healing because you begin to do something about it.

Think about it. When a cut heals doesn’t it start to itch? When you fall and bruise your knee doesn’t it hurt? Bruising is part of the process of healing.

Hurt in any way, gives yourself  a new power. The power to heal. Healing is power, God’s power. We all have to hurt to understand the love of God. Some of us just get hurt more than others because they were sent here to learn harder lessons to prove the love of God. To prove miracles exist.

I am in pain. The pain reminds me I am alive and I am healing. Sometimes it takes others longer to heal. The more similar experiences you have…the more intense the healing process is.

All you have to realize is you inadvertently took the wrong path. Change is what kills cancer. Change your path/attitude and remember your purpose.

Being on the wrong path increases the intensity in your life because you keep searching for something you can’t find. Truly accept the God of love and what power you have then, make a change. When this is done, you begin to heal faster and stay healthy longer both physically and spiritually. ~ jenny