Just wanting to get a thought written down. So far, as far as I can see, spirituality has a lot to do with trust. I hear many “religious” people say that all I have to do is trust in God. Ok, I trust in God.

I don’t believe I truly understood the deeper meaning of trust. Spiritually speaking (not religiously speaking), all of us have the spirit of God in us. If we stop trusting someone, logically, we are not trusting God. So when I have harsh feelings towards someone, honestly those harsh feelings I have are truely against God. If I am mad at someone, it isn’t about the person, it is me being mad at God. It is me wrestling with God. When I am at odds with any person, I am at odds with God, not the person.

God lets people act the way they want, that is freewill. God lets everything happen because we have freewill. What I have to remember is not to let someone’s freewill get to me because no matter what; a person houses the spirit of God. However, if I am in any kind of conflict with a person, the way to stop feeling conflicted, is to tell God that I am sorry that I fought against him. My freewill, when it is goodwill, is in line with the will of God. That is where freedom lives.