I am trying so hard to write what I really want to say.
It is hard because caring causes anxiety.  I realized, I care too much, actually everyone cares too much. Caring too much essentially leads to being full of worry and angst. All that leads to is stress. Everyone is stressed out and getting sick. It really is true. Without care society would die or would it live?
I want people to realize to be carefree means that you have to go back to the nature of all things. The definition of the word care has some how evolved in to a word and a feeling that is good. That is backwards. Care involves serious attention, anxiety, and worry. Is that how we really want to feel? Is anxiety and worry the new norm?

The word caring is to feel concern. Now, don’t get me wrong some things need care. But if we all care too much it becomes counter productive and  every one starts running around like a chicken with its head cut off. (I saw this in the Army, the chicken is really running in a bunch of directions without a head.) That is what caring too much does. You lose your mind, you lose your team spirit.

Whatever we think, whatever our words, and whatever our actions, we effect all of nature.  It isn’t an entity that is responsible for taking care of the earth and its inhabitants, it is humans. Not the government (lets have war to boost the economy), not Monsanto (lets make gmos), or a factory (lets use toxins to clean the emissions the factory produces). It is our responsibility to take care of earth. Care is a trap, when misused to the extremes. The government cares because it is broke. Monsanto cares because they want money. The factory cares because they want money.

What needs to happen is we all need to be carefree and take a break. To become carefree is to be without worry and anxiety. The only way we can become care free is to allow nature to take over. Stop polluting the your air and your body with chemicals that confuse and manipulate your mind and body. How are we supposed to function properly when we are killing nature? How are we supposed to be natural when we let nature die? Open your eyes and remove pollution from your body, mind, and spirit. Just be carefree. Allow nature to live properly, accept the responsibility of allowing nature to live, let worldly matters die. The earth and the inhabitants are dying because of too much care, anxiety, worry, and stress. Be carefree and prune nature so you can grow and the earth can live.  Your care will become carefree and that is freedom. So yes, the world will survive without care and worry and stress. Nature, with freedom, will thrive and live better than ever before.