Day 1 of 6th round of chemo.

As most of you know I write a lot. I was looking back at some of my spirals notebooks, My first thought is,”What? Holy Moly! I wrote that?” I apparently am an inspiration to myself and didn’t even know it. It is as if, I read what I wrote in the past and I can’t stop reading. All I can think is, I need to write a book because this is good stuff.

I don’t even remember writing some of the stuff. It is as if I am reading it for the first time. It is breath taking some of the things I write. I find myself with my hand over my heart as I read. Literally breathtaking.

Writing was never meant for me. I always have others in mind. I just assumed none of this was for me. But it was. It was for me and everyone. I have a hard time thinking that I can actually make a difference. I just wanted everyone else to realize that they can make a difference.

I’m not trying to be boastful, I am more surprised at myself. I really am my own inspiration. It is as if I never truly believed that I have the capability of being inspirational. People tell me I am. But, I had to figure it out myself to believe it.

Honestly, sometimes I even say, “I couldn’t have wrote that, that wasn’t me.It is in my own hand writing yet I will even close the notebook and examine the front to make sure it is mine.

I often wonder; are these words a compilation of letters to myself reminding me that inspiration begins with a good thought. It is amazing, what just a little inspiration can do. Just one person, can make a difference and that person could be you or me.

Have an inspirational day. ~Jenny