Deep thoughts with Jenny Johnson:
Ever feel like you need to leave some people behind? Not in a mean way, just that there is nothing in common anymore. Almost as if, you are ready to move forward and he/she isn’t. Like you can’t stick around any longer because you realize you have different things to do, different dreams, and different ambitions. Then you slowly let go of his/her hand, and inch by inch finger by finger, tip to tip, all the while staring in to the eyes, hoping to meet again, until your finger tips aren’t touching anymore. It can take days, months, or even years. Then POOF, your on your way.

Never let anyone hold you back. If it is meant to be, you will meet again. It’s true, some people are always in your life. Some are there for a short while, leave, and come back. Then some are there and never come back. When those people are gone, no matter what, you will miss something about them.

The ones you never meet, you never miss.You can’t miss what you never had.

The ones you have, have the power to hold you back but only if you give them that power. It’s all up to you.

Spark up your life and make a change to move towards what inspires you. Hang out with people with the same desires.