I dont know how to say this so here it goes.

Lift up praise to our Heavenly Father.

If I didnt fight to have a partial hysterectomy, things could have been worse. I listened to the spirit and I kept saying over and over to doctors,”get them out, they are killing me!” It was denied, then my doctor got it approved through a peer to peer conversation with the health insurance doctor. Finally, those ovaries were removed, along with the tubes and uterus. The pathology report came back with mets breast cancer infiltrating my ovaries. With clean tubes, uterus, and cervix.

I fought and listened to my body, not anyone else. I listened. That is the only way to survive people. You have to know yourself, know your feelings, know discernment, and act.

I dont know what all this means as far as medicine is concerned, but I think it means no changes. I believe I am winning.

Pet scans can’t see tumors until they are a certain size. Instincts and feelings told me to get those little killers out.

Do not ever let anyone tell you trusting feelings are wrong. Trusting a feeling is the first thing you should always do!!!!! They are the first line of defense….not your brain! Relying on your brain is like relying on your ego.

In short, I got some cancer out, praise the Lord for the gift of the holy spirit and the knowledge to listen.