Through out the years
My capabities were questionable.
Couldn’t do anything right.
Getting by on just looks really isnt a way of life.
Now, I am capable of everything.
I can still be whatever I want.
words of wisdom guide my life.

You look out for me.
Ah you just love me
Chocolate candy kisses.
Oh you love me.
Kiss me and I know your love is real.

Every evening I take a walk
Checking out the town.
Trying to find that special friend that cheers me up when I’m feeling down.

Then you find me, I see it in your eyes, your expression gives me butterflies.
You just love me.
I am the luckiest girl.
With an honest man.
You just love me.

It’s because you love me and you bless me so much.
You give me what I need and so much more.
I’d follow you everywhere.
I love the gifts you give to me.
I just love you.