Dear Cancer,

That’s it! We’re breaking up!

Zapper of strength,

You cannot define me anymore.

I am not some person to control.

I found the key.

I removed the chains.

No, I  will not forgive you.

No you may not take anything with you.

What’s mine, is mine.

You have nothing but yourself.

Loneliness you cause, loneliness you are.

Selfish behavior will no longer get you anywhere.

I am tired of the messes left all over my house.

The capability to clean up after yourself is absent.

Disaster is your middle name.

This is my house and I am kicking you out.

Everything in my house stays.

May you never experience mercy.

May you never grow.

May you die alone.

Get out!

Stay out!

Do not ever come back!

It is over!