Scans are finished. I only got stuck twice. It was a miracle. The whole time I recited in my head…Faith and Hope, Heavenly Father and Jesus, Strength and Well. Over and over. I am feeling positive.

I learned from a very smart man that everything I am doing is good for me and that I should not question myself or let others tell me otherwise. My choices are for the betterment of my life even though someone else may not do the same as me.

The one thing you definitely learn from cancer is that you become a master of how your body functions or malfunctions. You become a master at what is best for you. You remove others in your life that won’t allow you to be you. Your quality and quantity of life becomes more important than anything else. You become aware of the difference between being satisfied and being happy. You become a master of strength. These are some of the greatest gifts.

I got some cupcakes and now it is time to rest.