I was sitting here thinking of you. You are a totally awesome mother and friend. You are so sweet to take the time to talk to me when you also had all of the kids with you. How in the world do you do it. I have forgotten how to multi task. I used to be a multi task queen. Now, it is one day at a time. One thing at a time. I may even skip that. 

I am jealous because I used to be like that. I had it all together. But then I realized, I didn’t have it together even when I was multi tasking. I realized that I can appear to be rock solid and then inside I am mush.

I dont think it is just me either. I am sure many of us have the ability to look like a rock yet be mush inside.

I believe we have all felt this way at one point in time.  Death, disease, sickness; it all gets to us one way or another.

Everyone, please be nice to each other.

P.s. thank you my friend