As I was sitting at a dinner table surrounded by adults and my youngest 6 year old child a conversation started developing. It was a conversation about who told who that Santa is not real. All of a sudden I whispered to my husband, “Why are they talking about this?” Finally, someone pointed out that the conversation had to stop. I quickly changed the conversation to the fact that my son made a motion detector and he plans on putting it out by the tree so when Santa comes he will trip it off and a very load sound will awake everyone and we would be able to see Santa. ***Note to self, disconnect wire, no one should ever see Santa.

I was thinking about this whole Santa Clause thing. I have kids that are 21, 16, 6, a grandchild who is 1, and another on the way. So far, my oldest kids are the ones who have asked me whether Santa Clause was real. Then it donned on me, I have never told my children that Santa Clause was not real.

When they asked me, I told them this:

“I believe in the spirit of giving. St. Nicholas or Santa Clause is the epitomy of selfless giving. I believe in the spirit of giving and you can decide what you want to believe in too.” This is all I ever said to my older kids.

I believe that teaching kids of about Santa Clause (the spirit of giving) teaches so many lessons. Especially, if you do it right. Always ask the children what they think Santa and the reindeer would like to eat. Let them know that there is going to be a lot of cookies that Santa eats and he is going to be very tired. I let them decide what to leave out. I believe that not only is this teaching a child empathy but, it also teaches them to show that they are thankful that Santa included them in his journey.

St. Nicholas or Santa Clause teaches us about selfless giving. Santa is an all around giver. Parents naturally want to teach selfless giving to their children.

If you want to take it in a more Christian way. The spirit of giving comes straight from God. He gave us the greatest gift.  For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16) .

If you look at Christmas as just a bunch of gift giving, technically it is. (Just not the insane materialistic kind.) The gift giving can represent the gift God gave us, it can represent the gifts from the wise men. It is a completely and totally a Christian Holiday. The tree can represent the night sky, the lights on the tree are the stars in the sky. The star or angel on top of the tree is a sign of the good news that was brought into the world. Christmas ornaments represent all the blessings we will now receive because Jesus came into the world so that we may not suffer for our sins. This is the ultimate gift and the ultimate spirit of giving.

I believe in the spirit of giving. No one can ever change my mind about that. The spirit of giving lives on forever. As long as I believe in the spirit of giving, I believe in a God that gives us many blessing on a daily basis.

I always find ways to teach my kids about the spirit of giving all year long. It just doesn’t have to happen at Christmas. Christmas represents the gift of peace to all in the world. Easter represents the gift of forgiveness to all in the world.

So this holiday season give the gifts of peace and forgiveness.