This morning I woke up at 7:30, went to the bathroom, and went back to bed.

My first thought as I awakened was. “Jesus pooped. He was a man so he pooped.” No doubt; that is true.

I thought about how grateful I am to have always had running water and a bathroom inside. I know my mother did too and quite possibly her mother (not for sure), but when I visited, there was never a time I had to use an out house. Different families are blessed in different ways, I guess.

Anyway, I’m glad I was brought up in the North East country of America with all the rich patriototic heritage that inevitably comes with the territory and I hope and wish Americans who have never seen the Boston Tea Harbor or ate scallops that come straight from the ocean to the pan, to the table, get to experience that.

NY is a great state for camping and no where I ever lived has been better. The mountain ranges are gorgeous. THE only place you can eat real Buffalo wings is in Buffalo, NY. All others are spin-offs. There is no other place in the states to get authentic pizza, authentic Italian food, and Spiedies.

Traveling through Pennsylvania to see the Liberty Bell, Martha Washington’s house and all the continental flags that line the streets of Philidelphia gave me goosebumps. Visiting Gettysburg. Who could miss a real Philly Steak and Cheese? Something every one should taste once in their life time.

New Jersey and Wildwood one of the best, closest, vacations, with a boardwalk when I was a teenager.

Then the Smokey Mountains. My beloved mountains. With creeks flowing with clean water and vegetation for miles. So green.

What about out west? The Petrified Forest, Mt. Rushmore, The Badlands, and all those Indian reservations. Cripple Creek in the Rockies. I was there the very first day that Cripple Creek opened up as a gambling town in the 90’s. The funniest thing about that day was instead of leaving mints on our bed, they left watermelons. I will never forget that. Odd but appreciated. Seeing the most beautiful picture that is forever engrained in my head, The Continental Divide.

I can’t leave out Pikes Peak or the Royal Gorge. There is this small town on the way through the mountains to Pikes Peak; it is called Green Mountain Falls. It is gorgeous and to top it off a beautiful gazebo in the middle of a small mountain lake. It is lit with lights at night. One time in July, I went to Pikes Peak and the road was closed while we were on it. Once we got to a stopping point, we took pictures of me in July, in the middle of a snow storm.

Being able to see NORAD out my front window was disturbing, yet cool.  I have to mention all the awesome concerts at Redrocks Amphitheater (CO). I saw Pink Floyd at Mile High Stadium. I lived in Colorado when the Colorado Rockies became a baseball team and was at the opening day game. Before they had there own stadium they played at Mile High Stadium. I saw Rush with a bunch of friends too. I saw a lot of concerts in CO. Many, many concerts. I even saw Tommy Chong at the comedy club. He signed my ticket, “high babe.”

Yes, I  not proud of it but….I have been to Wrigley Field in Chicago. I would like to go to Chicago for the food festival though.

Then there is San Francisco and the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., the plethora of sea lions, the long windy streets, and the Golden Gate Bridge. I still have a mug from that tour as a child and have been there as an adult too.

The Jelly Belly Bean factory is a blast and peaceful Santa Cruz beach on the coast of California. The Monterrey Bay Aquarium is awesome.

There was Disney Land. I was really little but I know I was on the Jaws ride, and wouldn’t you know it, that shark chomped down right where I was sitting and I flew under a seat.

My brother and I got to pick up huge styrofoam rocks just like the Million Dollar man at Universal Studios.

My family experienced so many adventures and I was blessed to be a part of that drive from NY to CA. I was blessed to be given the culture and the back ground to love our land and to search and see more. It is in my bones.

As I got older, I was moodily jumping in the car for trips to Florida and Georgia. I always got sun burned but who cares, I was at the beach. Plus the trip to Disney World. I was a moody teenager but still had fun even though I wouldn’t admit it.

My senior year of highschool, 4 of us girls drove a convertible caprise classic to Ft. Lauderdale. Yes, what happens in Ft. Lauderdale, stays in Ft. Lauderdale. We also drove across FL to Marco Island.

I actually decided to live in FL for a few months before I joined the army. I basically partied all my money away until it was time to give myself to the U.S. Army.

The crazy thing is, joining the Army was the pivotal point for the rest of my life. If I didn’t do that, I often wonder how much less I would have. I have everything I want. People have been strategically placed in my life to learn from me or teach me. Little people chose me to care for and love them. I live in a beautiful home with a great husband. Who by the way, just made me Mean Green Juice.

I’m really not sure what all this has to do with the fact that Jesus went to the bathroom just like us, but I have a feeling that we are more like Jesus than we allow ourselves to believe.

We can travel to so many places and show others with our actions and words how to be happy and how to love. We can show people the self help guide to life called the Bible.

Jesus was a world traveler for a reason and that reason was to spread forgiveness and healing through out the world, (East, West, North, and South—the whole entire world). To spread the news that each and everyone of us is unconditionally loved. To let us know that we are all going to be ok. To let us know to loosen up, be like a child, enjoy life and what God made.

He made it all for us, so enjoy. Believe that you can do anything you want, be anything you want, go anywhere you want and be a model of Jesus.

Now I know where I need to go.
My list begins with:
The Grand Canyon
Chicago food festival
New Mexico

P.S.S. Have a great day. So far so good for me.  Although, I am still in bed.