Sparks that shed light on life told through poetry

I just love you

Through out the years
My capabities were questionable.
Couldn’t do anything right.
Getting by on just looks really isnt a way of life.
Now, I am capable of everything.
I can still be whatever I want.
words of wisdom guide my life.

You look out for me.
Ah you just love me
Chocolate candy kisses.
Oh you love me.
Kiss me and I know your love is real.

Every evening I take a walk
Checking out the town.
Trying to find that special friend that cheers me up when I’m feeling down.

Then you find me, I see it in your eyes, your expression gives me butterflies.
You just love me.
I am the luckiest girl.
With an honest man.
You just love me.

It’s because you love me and you bless me so much.
You give me what I need and so much more.
I’d follow you everywhere.
I love the gifts you give to me.
I just love you.


rainbow baptism

IMG_2102in a sunny meadow

hidden behind trees

a rainbow and a lake await

the crunching of leaves

underneath the feet

earth colors in sight

spider webs hanging

crickets sing joyfully

the edge draws near

the rainbow is exposed

a continuous circle

of life giving color

painting the soul

with each new hue

permeating heat on skin

enjoying the moment

immersed in joy

walking in confidence

observing all colors

approaching water

jump, twist, dive

water absorbs body

weightless wonderland

a blurry sun shines

the IN is now the OUT

approaching clean air

exhale, inhale

swim towards the sun

step firmly on solid ground

engaged with pure light

Child of God


forgiveness 2

the pain in my heart

it is hard to let go

many things happened

and I cannot grow

if only I’d give myself

the gift of remission

my heart could heal

relieving this condition

forgiving is personal

for my heart and soul

no one else is waiting

my ego is in control

i must give the power

back to my creator

stop living in the past

stop being a traitor

forgiveness sees no sin

there are no records of wrong

it is time to let go

move back where I belong

it feels good to be free

uplifted and light

my ego released

freed from my plight

there is power in now

and forgetting the past

my smile shines bright

I am free at last

Amidst the Forest

landing strip for bumble bees

melodious song of wood thrush

branches snap with each step

leaves gently caress body

move slowly through green brush

landing strip for bumble bees

pedals glisten in light

flowers stretch facing warmth

sun beams shimmer in trees

showing God given graces

outstretched wings fly

chants of lyrical harmony

chirping birds in heavenly spaces

mist filled face from below

beads of water drench rocks

spraying into atmosphere

silence of waterfalls flow

throughout eternal years

the goodness of God in everyone

projecting rainbow in landscape

pure light sparkles in happy tears


P.S. read from bottom to top too

forget the fight

I feel that this advice can help anyone. Just replace the word “cancer” with any tragedy and see if it works. Of course, I am speaking from my own experience from cancer.


To those of you who have cancer or know someone who is working on becoming a survivor; if you find the blessings of cancer, you truly are a survivor. It is not the fight, that is too exhausting. Don’t waste your time fighting cancer. It is a classroom in which you are the student in a life experience. Choosing to learn means you are choosing to survive. Look around you at this very moment and ask yourself, “What positive lesson do I have to learn from this experience?” Then pray on it, meditate on it, and your question will be answered. You will no longer be a victim, but you will be a survivor. You will be at peace. Then you’re able to forget the fight and concentrate on the lessons.  This will reduce stress and increase your well-being. Anyone can be a survivor, whether they have passed on or not. It’s because, a good attitude is never a sign of a victim. It’s a sign of a survivor.

It’s not the fight

that gives the lesson.

Become a willing student.

Learn from tragedy

Forget the fight.

Tragedy wants your happiness.

It wants to break you down.

Turn the tables.

Choose to learn.

Choose life and all the lessons.

Be positive.

Take the blessings of tragedy.

This makes you a warrior.

Then you are a survivor.


listen to your heart

My dear loved ones,

Follow the peace in your heart. Walk over the bridge to happiness. Learn to hear the words that are conveyed to you. Intelligence matters however, it is wisdom that portrays the love of people. Intelligence and knowledge are of earthly matters. Your lack of wisdom comes from not listening to your heart. It comes from using your head too much. Stop using your head and the nagging thoughts will dissipate. Those thoughts cause headaches, stomach aches, anxiety, depression. The list goes on. As long as you stay in your head, you will continue to abuse yourself in varying degrees. Wisdom is taught by the spirit inside. When you move in to your heart your body naturally will start to take care of itself and all your ailments will disappear. Listen to your heart and you will even know what kind of food to eat. You will have answers to the simplest and most complicated questions. Take this message to heart and start loving yourself everyday. Look at yourself in the mirror, deep into your eyes, and say, “I Love You.”


Walk across the narrow bridge

step firmly on your feet.

With confidence in your heart

keep walking forward.

Don’t look back, don’t look down,

keep focused, and move on.

If you feel scared, do not turn back.

Hold on tight, keep going,

you are almost there.

The end is the beginning.

The beginning was the end.

One more step onto solid ground.

Do you know what you just did?

You started over.

Move forward in new green places

with bright light shining down.

Do you feel the warmth

of goodness around your soul?

Welcome to your life!



The Good Spark



Although I do not remember

the beauty of your face

or even know the wonder

of your warm embrace.

I dream of seeing you

on a warm and glorious day

for when I get to see you

I will have found my way.

I know that I have trials

that I am forced to meet

I will bear the load

with strong and steadfast feet.

For I have chosen

the very simple task

the one that ensures

my life is ever last.

The moments in this life

are precious pure and kind

the blessings that I have

I truly do not mind.

Before I bid ado

to this life here on earth

I promise to be kind

and live in complete girth.

Until I am with you

I know you are in my heart

giving me direction

sweet spirit never part.

My future trials are truths

that I must learn to love

the learning from my gracious

sweet and loving Lord above.

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