Cancer Poetry

Cancer Poetry and the sparks it gives

forget the fight

I feel that this advice can help anyone. Just replace the word “cancer” with any tragedy and see if it works. Of course, I am speaking from my own experience from cancer.


To those of you who have cancer or know someone who is working on becoming a survivor; if you find the blessings of cancer, you truly are a survivor. It is not the fight, that is too exhausting. Don’t waste your time fighting cancer. It is a classroom in which you are the student in a life experience. Choosing to learn means you are choosing to survive. Look around you at this very moment and ask yourself, “What positive lesson do I have to learn from this experience?” Then pray on it, meditate on it, and your question will be answered. You will no longer be a victim, but you will be a survivor. You will be at peace. Then you’re able to forget the fight and concentrate on the lessons.  This will reduce stress and increase your well-being. Anyone can be a survivor, whether they have passed on or not. It’s because, a good attitude is never a sign of a victim. It’s a sign of a survivor.

It’s not the fight

that gives the lesson.

Become a willing student.

Learn from tragedy

Forget the fight.

Tragedy wants your happiness.

It wants to break you down.

Turn the tables.

Choose to learn.

Choose life and all the lessons.

Be positive.

Take the blessings of tragedy.

This makes you a warrior.

Then you are a survivor.




cancer war~CANCER~

waves of emotion engulfs the body

weighed down by a ‘heaviness’

the future is uncertain

heart wrenching fear

no one understands

total confusion

say good bye to the body

say good bye to the mind

and hello to the heart

faith overcomes doubt

bravery overcomes fear

love overcomes anger

a survivor appears

a warrior in pink

always moves forward

living in freedom of strength

in the hopes of tomorrow

and the faith of today

don’t look back

the journey is ahead

jump, skip, laugh, love, run

the future IS clear


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