Survival Tip: Happiness

Happiness is living the life. Happiness is acknowledging rewards or blessings. Happiness is more than existing it is connecting. Connecting with the greatness in everyone and everything. It is what I give to myself and others. Happiness is rewarding. Happiness gives me the ability to know my blessings. I will not exist and be satisfied, I will awake and be happy. I will enjoy life. I will take control of myself and give myself happiness. When I give myself happiness, I can give happiness to others. When I love myself, I can love others.


Cupcakes and gifts and scans…oh my.

Scans are finished. I only got stuck twice. It was a miracle. The whole time I recited in my head…Faith and Hope, Heavenly Father and Jesus, Strength and Well. Over and over. I am feeling positive.

I learned from a very smart man that everything I am doing is good for me and that I should not question myself or let others tell me otherwise. My choices are for the betterment of my life even though someone else may not do the same as me.

The one thing you definitely learn from cancer is that you become a master of how your body functions or malfunctions. You become a master at what is best for you. You remove others in your life that won’t allow you to be you. Your quality and quantity of life becomes more important than anything else. You become aware of the difference between being satisfied and being happy. You become a master of strength. These are some of the greatest gifts.

I got some cupcakes and now it is time to rest.

Handling thoughts. Help!!

I am just wondering how people handle negative thoughts. How do you handle a hard situation? Do you let all the emotion happen and feel the whole moment or do you switch to a positive moment and not allow yourself feel the real situation? What do you feel is the best way to handle yourself?

DOVE body wash

I am not sure if I have told anyone this before but the DOVE company follows me on twitter. They sent me a private message saying they were sending me a gift package before the Emmy’s.

In light of the recent news I just post, it was nice to see this picture as I opened a package, unbeknownst to me that it was from DOVE.

I literally got up to go to the bathroom. The door bell rang as I walked by the door. I picked up the package addressed to me, thinking it was from amazon. I opened the box and a big picture of a dove was before me. Now that is God’s handiwork for sure.

Cannabis Oil as Treatment for Cancer (and other diseases)



There is a war going on between the pharmaceutical companies and alternative medicine. That includes the supplement industry. Big Pharma has been trying to get rid of the supplement industry for years. Now they are after alternative doctors and treatments. Why? They are taking some of their market share.

I am one of those persons who will turn to herbs and supplements instead of western medicine. Why? Because drugs always have harmful and sometimes deadly side effects. Several months ago my husbands coworker died from taking Ibuprofen for pain. He took several pills a day for two weeks and his heart couldn’t take it. He didn’t know he was literally killing himself. Did he know there were alternatives? Like acupuncture or cannabis? He was only trying to alleviate the symptoms but his doctor never looked in to the cause of his pain. That kind of treatment goes on in western medicine all the time…

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